Press release for Swansparkle

After a long while, I am pleased to announce that SWANSPARKLE’s blog which formerly had the address is taking a giant step and moving forward to BLOGSPOT (


A blog created by Ms Symiee [@swansparkle] which entails a sex-positive, body positive, queer-friendly, gender-inclusive lifestyle site with a fierce femme sensibility and also a home of fiction and other educative information and big questions to capture the heart and mind of both gender not forgetting the entertaining aspect blended with it.


Blog post comes up on a weekly basis capturing a lot of viewers from home and away and I look forward to continuing my great relationships with sponsors, clients, designers and all of our fans—and with only 8 days until posts begins to roll in, I am ready to keep you my viewers thrilled.


Anyone interested in getting involved as a sponsor, client, designer or volunteer should contact

By Ajana Similoluwa (swansparkle)


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Change of plans

Hello my darling Readers……

what’s been happening with you? How did you spend your easter anyways i knoe thats so way back….

Well im not feeling too good *sniffing* but all the same i love the fact that im moving to blogspot so the point is that you do not get to miss any of my posts.

Im moving to blogspot to get greater opportunities and also make you happy *stretching my hands* o yes i mean YOU….

You can now read articles on but wait articles starts pumping in from May 1st.

Watch out

Catch you on Blogspot…Im out like Sooooooo


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