Now I really need to emphasize on this situation because it’s becoming a painstaking issue. Perhaps you don’t know I’m NIGERIAN and trust me I’m proud of that.

Have you noticed that in some cultures in West Africa especially Nigeria,many cultures still don’t allow their kids to marry from another tribe and these has left most ladies single even at age 40. The first daughters of most families suffer this a lot, this is because such parents insist on following tradition (Even in 21st Century….abeg its a wake up call).

Should we follow this type of tradition and allow our children suffer, even when they find “love” from another tribe? Parents should understand that it is happiness that is the utmost and not where the person comes from.

Lets read of the case of Chukwudi a medical doctor who is in love with Bimpe  a Lawyer , He being the first of seven children  is expected to marry from within  their locality, his parents have vehemently refused to grant him permission to marry Bimpe, all because she  is a yoruba girl. This year makes it their fourth year in courtship. The two lovers have refused to give up on love and affection but cannot come out openly all in the  name of TRIBALISM. Bimpe’s parents also have the tribalism issue saying she has to marry a yoruba man (all na formality sha).

Anyways, my point is for how long do we have to keep our children’s happiness on hold? Must we marry someone from our village? Love for me is the most important and where you find it doesn”t really matter.

What’s your contribution?

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